Kantara performances in Italy and Tunisia have been widely covered by local press, which stressed the beauty of the new sound of the Arab-Appalachian music and the message underlying the strength of the intercultural dialogue.


The music has been described as "magic, surrounding atmosphere where the Arab and American cultures merge to grow together and explore new, undiscovered paths, at the same time delivering a message of peace" (il Resto del Carlino – Bologna, Italy).


Kantara “succeeded in sowing joy throughout the audience by offering a display of jubilatory art to make us forever forget hatred. We spent an evening of happiness.” (Le Quotidien – Tunis, Tunisia)


Kantara “knows no borders” and “has created a program which departs from the ordinary and allows a harmony between different types of music which one might believe impossible.” (Le Temps – Tunis, Tunisia)


“The music is a dream, binding by its accord, the fluidity and lightness of its notes and rhythms, and the solid complicity between the Tunisian and American instrumentalists.” (La Press – Tunis, Tunisia)


"American and Islamic beauty in concert" (Il Corriere di Siena);


"Fusion Music brings together United States and Islam" (Il Cittadino Oggi);


"Success of the Kantara Group: the musicians who build the dialogue between the United States and Islam" (Metropoly Day);


"Two cultures, one music" (Il Resto del Carlino- Bologna)



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